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Wiki Guide for WAVE

Here is some helpful information on how to get started with your templates on the wave wiki site. For any further questions please visit the general mediawiki help page.

When you click on [edit], on the page you want to work on, the instruction is visible in the upper part of the page:

002 wiki.JPG

It shows you how to create formatting, links, headings, lists, files, references, discussions... Have a look through it, to get a feeling for it. You can just copy & paste the information/code you want to use and then add your content. The order you put your text, links, files etc. in, is how they appear on the wiki page.

Upload a File

It’s very important that you only upload files, which are your personal work. They have to follow the terms of service and licensing policies on Ledwiki.

  1. At the bottom of the menu on the left side of the ledwiki site, under the heading Tools you can choose the option Upload file. When uploading a file, use a unique but easy to remember name for your file. You will have to place the file name in the wiki page's code when placing your image. If you copy the name of the file before uploading it to the wiki, you can then just paste it in the code when you need to.
    Wiki 19 pfeil.png
  2. Go to the page you want to edit. Click this button, to insert the picture which you have already uploaded.
    001 wiki.JPG
  3. To view or search previously uploaded files, go to the list of uploaded files which can be found at the top of the Upload file page. Uploads are also logged in to the upload log, and deletions are in the deletion log. In this box you can also choose the options Aligns, to define the position and “Format”, to get four options of design. Example: If your picture is ordered on the right and you want to have it on the left, just type "left" or "right" alignment in your code.
  4. If you work with templates, never use the same file name as the template, always overwrite/adjust it to the name of the file you have uploaded and want to display. Otherwise your file will be displayed also in any other template.
  5. This is an example of what the code of your picture could look like:

You can change the size of your file, by increasing the number in the pixel reference in the code. For example: 500px is bigger than 200px. Just change the numbers to test and see which size format works best.

Most images in the template are embedded in image galleries. You only need to add the new file name and the caption in the gallery.


All the different versions of headings can be found here. Have a look on "What you type" and "What you get" and chose your favourite.

007 wiki mit pfeil.png

You can edit your text in either bold or italic, just click the corresponding button.

004 wiki.JPG

To embed a link, click this button and put in the URL.

005 wiki.JPG

To insert a reference click this button.

006 wiki.JPG

Add Bullet Point

If you want to list something, click on "Lists". You can choose between a Bulleted list and a Numbered list.

008 wiki pfeil.png

Add OpenStreetMap to Page

What you type:

Code mapp.JPG

What you get:

Loading map...