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Coastal Lake in Contanta, Romania, Lacul Tabacerie, Source: flickr.com/creative commons by ICI
Colentina Lakes' Chain in Bucharest, Romania
Moosach in Freising Source: flickr.com/creative commons by [1]
Emajõgi river in Tartu, Estonia, Source: flickr.com/creative commons by [2]
Volcanic lake with Roman heritage near Pozzuoli, Naples, Italy, photo: John Echlin
Water landscapes on the river Neckar in Nürtingen, Germany
Brussels Canal Source: flickr.com/creative commons by [3]

Working Groups in Constanta, Romania

The Constanta working groups are following up on last years' wiki pages:

Lacul Tăbăcăriei Team 1 Living Lab 2021

Lacul Siutghiol Living Lab 2021

Working Groups in Bucharest, Romania

Lacul Grivita Living Lab 2022

For the 2021 wiki pages please follow this link.

Working Groups in Freising, Germany

Freising Waterscapes Team 1 2022

Moosach Nixies 2022

Freising Waterscapes Team 3 2022

Freising Waterscapes Team 4 2022

Freising Waterscapes Team 6 2022

East Freising Master Climate Change 2022

Case study in Stuttgart, Germany

WAVE Case Study Neckarinsel Stuttgart

Working Group in Neubrandenburg, Germany

WAVE Living Lab Neubrandenburg 2022

>>> Check also last years' Brandenburg Team Wiki: WAVE Living Lab Neubrandenburg 2021

Working Groups in Naples, Italy (Partly following-up on 2021)

Baia Wave Living Lab 2022

Fusaro Lake WAVE Living Lab 2022

Quarantena Park WAVE Living Lab 2022

Miseno Lake WAVE Living Lab 2022

Fondi di Baia WAVE Living Lab 2022

>>> additional group from last year: Water and Heritage WAVE Living Lab 2021,Baia Wave Living Lab 2021, Fusaro Lake WAVE Living Lab 2021,Miseno Lake WAVE Living Lab 2021

Working Groups in Tartu, Estonia (Following-up on 2021

Tartu WAVE Living Lab Team 1 2022

Tartu WAVE Living Lab Team 2 2022

Tartu WAVE Living Lab Team 3 2022

Past working groups: