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'add name of method here' - About

  • Describe the method very briefly (2-3 sentences), so that readers have a first idea about the approach

What are the goals of this method?

  • explain what makes this method relevant for participatory contexts
  • What are typical questions this method is able to answer?
  • Which types of knowledge does it generate? Or: what are typical results and/or outcomes?

In which situations can this method be applied?

  • Give a few examples of typical settings/processes in which this method suits well
  • Who is typically involved?

How does this method work in practice?

  • Describe the application as practical as possible
  • How much time is needed for each step?
  • Which materials/rooms/technical equipment is needed?
  • What are the tasks of the facilitators?
  • What should be avoided?

Examples of typical results

  • If you have already applied the method in the past or have access to results from other processes, please show a few examples of how the method works and of its results

What are typical next steps after applying this method?

  • Give an outlook of how to follow-up: How should the results be processed and used in the further process?

Any limitations and typical pitfalls?

  • Reflect a bit on what the methods can not do and what the process designer should be aware of, which additional activities are needed
  • Any ethical concerns as we are working with people? Add a few reflections

Worksheets and Materials

  • If you have or know any practical worksheets or templates, please add them here for download
  • If these come from other websites, please link directly to those and add the authors you are referring to here

Further readings, links and references

  • Add scientific articles, weblinks and other relevant resources

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